Massage Workshops in London & 1-2-1 Yoga Classes in London

What Training Do I Offer?
Massage Workshops

I do not yet offer certificated training, for those wishing to achieving accreditation for the purpose of practicing - what I do offer is informal, intimate and fully experiential massage training to small groups. This training is intended to focus purely on learning and refining hands-on skills, with no written work or other associated classroom practice. The content of what I teach is up to you, and I will base the workshop around that. You will learn through watching me practice and through feeling me practice on yourself, with verbal questions and answers. I work with groups of 2 - 4 people, for 3 to 6 hours in a day, and though I am happy to offer 1-to-1 training, an extra person makes possible learning by watching me. In my experience, this informal setting is the best way to learn, as there is no pressure to perform, no curriculum, no exams, only the joy of learning, and messing around! You will learn quickly with the extra attention afforded you by the small group. 
Yoga Teaching 1-to-1
I also offer 1-to-1 yoga teaching for those new to yoga, with a little experience, or even those with more experience but who wish to cultivate more body-mind awareness. My style of teaching will give you a good grounding in the basic and major groups of postures, with emphasis on precision of alignment, breathwork, body and mind awareness and discussion of how you inhabit your body. Sessions will be an exploration of how we live, which is broadcast from the shapes our bodies take, and how any changes we make in how we live in our bodies will lead to transformation in our lives in general. There is emphasis on honest open sharing and communication, that is at the same time light and fun.
I have studied and practiced many styles of yoga, including Iyengar and Astanga, but my practice and teaching is more a reflection and extension of my work with massage and body awareness. My own yoga practice continues to inform and deepen my understanding in my massage and bodywork, and in turn deepens my own awareness of my self as an integrated (and dis-integrated) body, mind and spirit.

Who Are These Workshops Designed For?
I design these teachings and trainings for anyone wanting to learn hands-on massage skills, body awareness and yoga, whether you be a complete beginner and simply wish to learn some massage techniques to treat your partner, some basic yoga postures to become more acquainted with your stiff body, or have undertaken a professional training and wish to supplement and enhance your current studies. You may be a couple who wish to come together to learn or a practicing therapist who wishes to expand their skills. I will teach you anything I have learnt in my previous studies. I particularly recommend this style of learning to those new to massage or yoga, or a particular style. There were certainly times in the past, when I had a real headache trying to get to grips with certain things (like Thai Yoga massage!) and would haved loved some extra and in-depth guidance. You will have the time to repeat whatever you need to, with direction, until you are confident with it.

When Are Trainings Run? And How Much Do They Cost?

Due to the informal nature of my teaching, workshops can be arranged at times suitable to both parties. For 1-to-1 coaching I charge my standard hourly rate of £60, but for a group of 2 or 3 people this will become cheaper, and I am open to negotiation.

If you are interested in any teaching or training call me on 07958 561 467
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