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What Is Tui Na Chinese Acupressure Massage?
How Can Tui Na Chinese Massage Help You?
Tui Na Chinese Massage In Finchley, North London - Acupressure to the BackTui Na (pronounced twee-nah) is Chinese acupressure massage which is not well known in the western market. It is somewhat different to many other styles of massage, though nevertheless very effective for a variety of conditions not restricted to just muscular tension and pain. 
Tui Na works diagnostically with the meridians and the 5 elements, and is the massage counterpart to acupuncture and herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a medical massage, practical in its orientation, and though some styles of Tuina can be very deep and rigorous this is not always the case. Tui Na Massage is in many ways an eastern system combining similar practices to Sports Massage, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.
Incorporation of the meridians and acupressure points into my massage work in general is endlessly beneficial, for assessment and treatment. Therefore, more often than not, the Tui Na massage techniques and diagnostics I use are incorporated into my own style of remedial massage, rather than given as Tui Na in its purity - though I do offer sessions of Tui Na in its own right which I find to be very effective and enjoyable to give.

What Is Tui Na Chinese Acupressure Massage?

Modern Chinese medicine incorporates extensive study of the physical body, so it is also geared towards treating muscular conditions in the western sense. But traditionally Tui Na Massage focuses on balancing the flow of energy in the channels called meridians - and in the body as a whole. It is holistic in that it considers the person as a whole, not as a collection as symptoms. It is a successful medical philosophy that has developed and evolved over many thousands of years.
Tui Na translates as 'push and grasp' which gives some indication of the techniques employed. Tuina Massage is given with the receiver fully clothed and laid upon a massage table, though it can be given on the floor, in a chair, or anywhere! Pushing, rubbing, plucking, and rocking are some of the many techniques used but what they all have in common is constant movement which aims at dispersing stagnant energies. This is in contrast to the more static applied pressure of Shiatsu.
Stimulation of acupressure points is given much emphasis in any treatment, as well as treating the general meridian lines. Manipulations and stretches are also used, very similar to those used in Thai Yoga Massage or Sports Massage. Tui Na can often be deep and vigorous and work your muscles in ways very different to other massages. Along with stimulation of the acupressure points, this can highlight energetic imbalances and feel quite uncomfortable or painful. However, you are always fully respected and I work within your boundaries, using Yin or Yang approaches, soft or hard, as appropriate.

How Can Tui Na Chinese Massage Help You?

Tui Na Chinese Massage In Finchley, North London - Acupressure to the HipsThe rocking movement of Tui Na Massage can be extremely relaxing, soothing and hypnotic, even if it can at times be deep and rigorous. Tuina Massage is similar in many ways to Sports Massage and can be used very effectively to treat various muscular and joint problems, reducing pain and tension and increasing flexibility and mobility. It is great for reducing tightness and tension in the large muscles of the back, buttocks and legs.
However, because it works ultimately with the energy lines, or meridians in the body, rather than the muscles, and aims at harmonising the flow of energy, it can be great for treating other conditions, ranging from asthma (both acute and chronic) to poor digestion, headaches, menstrual difficulty and allergies, to name but a few.
Tuina Massage is also very beneficial for restoring balance to emotional and mental stress. It works at a deeper level of the body, that of the energy flow in the meridians, and so has a more therapeutic and longer lasting affect than other massages that focus more on the physical tissues. Tui Na Massage can treat conditions such as depression, coughs or diarrhoea that would be not treated with a Sports Massage for instance.
Tui Na Massage therapy, manipulating the flow of energy in the meridians, has an amazing scope for bringing more vitality to your body and mind. 
Ease Your Muscular Tensions, Increase Your Energy Levels & Feel More Comfortable In Your Body -
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