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I have studied and am qualified in many styles of massage. Therefore, whatever massage I give is a distictive blend of all my previous studies and understandings, and may be somewhat different to what you have experienced in the past (great isn't it? How every practitioner offers you something new). I have come to a point where I feel the different styles of massage are but different tools for working with the same thing - the unique and wonderful Human Body - and the more tools I have, the more adaptable, flexible and creative I can be. And some just work better than others with each individual.
I work intuitively, but can be systematic and methodical too. I wish to be guided by the needs of your body, and your mind, and am sensitive to them always. We begin by discussing your needs, and then I will offer suggestions and tailor the treatment with whatever skills I feel appropriate.

When working therapeutically, I usually combine the best from Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai Yoga and Tuina massage, a combination of eastern and western techniques that I find gives great results consistantly.

My speciality is the longer session - 1.5 to 2 hours being the average. This gives you that extra time to really let go of tensions and everyday concerns, and drift into a deeply revitalising space. The 1 hour massage can often leave you wanting longer, just at the point where you begin to let it all go. It also gives me that added time to really make a difference when aiming for a more therapeutic outcome.

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Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Thai Yoga Massage Tuina Chinese Massage
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Reiki & Subtle Energy Healing Pulsing Ear Candling
Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage in Finchley, North LondonThis is the massage of choice if you like it deeper, and by far the most popular massage requested. This massage works to break down areas of tension in your muscles, to free muscle fibres and tissues that have quite literally become glued together. Muscles in this state are the cause of restricted movement, pain and the constant dull ache of tension, as well as a less than happy life. This affects most of us, to some degree, and many of us live with pain and tension for many years (if not our whole lives), so much so that it has become normal and accepted.
Deep, slow strokes and compressions are applied to release your contracted muscles, and without leaving you bruised and sore, for I work within the comfortabilities of your own thresholds. This massage is focused on your specific needs, rather than being a full body massage. I recommend a session of at least an hour and a half (minimum 1 hour), and regular sessions are advised to remedy chronic muscular problems. 

Though technically Deep Tissue and Sports massage are different, I use them together so closely that I consider them one and the same. The applied stretching and other various stretching techniques of Sports massage work together splendidly with the deep stroking and myofascial releases of Deep Tissue.

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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Knee Press1Yoga massage, the healing jewel from the exotic land of Thailand, is closest to my heart and a personal favourite, whether to give or receive. It is given as a blessing, with a slow, meditative quality, always holding in mind the Buddhist precepts of love and compassion. It is given fully clothed, on a futon mat on the floor. Like the other traditions of the East, it works diagnostically with energy lines, rather than the physcial tissues of Western massage, though my style combines both.
I feel it is unrivalled in it's technically brilliant myriad of stretches, deep but sensitive compressions, rocking, holding and muscle release techniques almost identical in their basics to those of Sports massage (making these two styles very compatible). There is nothing like Thai massage to open up your body and leave you feeling more expansive and simply great. 

Working energetically according to energy lines and points, Thai massage is used as a complete system of healing. Rather than being limited to treating musculo-skeletal conditions, it can alleviate all manner of bodily disharmonies, such as constipation, asthma, and low levels of energy, in addition to the small fact of helping you feel more centred, less stressed and essentially better about your life. Due to the slow meditative nature of Thai Yoga massage, I give a minimum of a 1.5 hour session, but the longer the better! (up to 4 hours)

"I was very pleased with the Thai massage and was glad I took the advice given me and booked for 1.5 hours. Jag was really excellent. I was expecting to feel a bit sore today, particularly as my muscles are very tight and require a bit of work but this hasn't happened and instead I feel looser and heaps more energetic than I have for a very long time."
Tricia Davies, Watford

Tuina Chinese Massage
This is the massage counterpart to acupuncture, working on the same principles of the meridians, but using massage techniques instead of needles. It is not well known here in Britain. Traditionally, in China, this is a medical massage, designed to treat any medical condition, and is deep and vigourous. It can be painful also, but unlike the Chinese, I often work more softly, and always within your comfortabilities.
The massage is given on a table, but with you as the recipient fully clothed. It can be given on a futon mat on the floor also. General loosening techniques are used to soften up the body, and stimulate energy flow before penetrating rocking movements are applied to specific points on the meridians. The rigorous movement, which is unlike western styles of massage, can be surprisingly relaxing and soothing.
Working with different principles to western massage, namely acupressure points, I have found it helps with conditions unresponsive to other forms of massage, and is very good for treating musculo-skeletal dysfunction. However, given that Tuina works with the theory of energy flow in the meridians, this precise massage can treat any condition from asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or toxic liver to depression and anxiety. If your body has become stiff, hard and tight, decreased movement and flow, the rocking and pulsing techniques of this massage will bring much needed movement to your body.


Reflexology1Reflexology, at first glance, appears to be a foot massage, though it is in fact far more precise and measured than that. It is a case of the microcosm of the foot reflecting the macrocosm of the body, in its entirety. It works according to the principle that each tiny part of the foot represents a corresponding part of the body, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.
By stimulating these foot reflexes (with fingers and thumbs) it has a beneficial and balancing effect on the equivalent body part, and on the whole body and mind in general. It is deeply relaxing but also, as I have seen in my clinical experience, highly therapeutic and wonderful for alleviating many conditions. It has helped me greatly, clearing up food allergies, hayfever and improving my digestion no end. The relaxation induced is deep and profound, like a 2 week holiday from the world!
Reflexology is best given as a course of treatment, at least 5 sessions or so, when focused on easing a particular condition, though it is also great for relaxation and letting it all go. An hour's session is adequate, and can be sublime to combine with another massage in a longer session.
"I had not tried reflexology before my friend kindly gave me a gift of 2 sessions with Jag. I felt a little tense at first, as I had not had my feet massaged before, and was a little embarrassed, but Jag bless him, really put me at ease. The second session I was able to relax more, and without any expectations noticed afterwards, to my surprise and pleasure, that my arthritis had gotten so much better! Now I have a session every month or so, and it really helps to keep down the inflammation and pain"
Elizabeth Morley, Hendon, London
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