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What Is Thai Yoga Massage?
How Can Thai Yoga Massage Help You?
Thai Massage in Finchley, North London
Sa-wa-dee-cap, as they say in Thailand when greeting you! Thai Massage is one of my favourite massages to give, and to receive. It is a deep, dynamic and powerfully therapeutic massage that I find to be excellent for reducing muscle tension, pain and stiffness, poor posture, headaches, stress and all manner of other conditions prevalent in society today. A thorough Thai Massage will have you feeling deeply relaxed, yet energised, clear in mind and balanced in emotions, and with the extensive applied yoga stretches, your body will feel soft, open, and flexible.
North London Thai Massage is often given combined with principles and techniques of Sports Massage, as I feel they work together so well - merging the western understanding of physiology with the eastern philosophy of energy. The applied stretches, manipulations and movement are of great benefit to many people who have become inactive, sluggish and stiff over a period of time, and this is one of the advantages it has over other massages like Deep Tissue Massage. However, working with the energies of your body, it can help you with far more than just muscular tension and pain.  
Being rooted in the Buddhist tradition, Thai Massage is given as a moving meditation, and in a spirit of loving compassion, which is communicated throughout the session - so though it can be a deep massage, it is sensitive and gentle too.  

What Is Thai Yoga Massage?

If you wish for a deeper, more dynamic massage, than this will be a delight to you. Thai Massage in north London is given on a futon mat (on the floor) with the receiver fully clothed. There is no use of oils. Thai Massage uses a combination of compressions that penetrate deeply into your muscles, in conjunction with a  myriad of brilliant applied yoga stretches to mobilise and open all parts of your body. It is applied in a slow, rhythmic way, moving in synchronicity with your breath, and at times gently rocking your body. I may use many parts of my body to apply compressions - namely, palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet.
As with the other Oriental healing arts, Thai Massage works more with energy channels in the body, like the Chinese meridians, than it does with physical muscles and other soft tissues. In fact, traditionally, Thai understanding of physiology was poor, in terms of our western approach.  Treatment is based on the premise of 10 main energy pathways (called 'Sen') that run throughout the body, and application of massage to harmonise this flow. As the Orientals, and Thais in particular, see the universe as being created from a pool of undifferentiated energy, when working with the energies of the body, anything can be treated - as all is composed of the same material - and not just muscular problems.
The channels of energy in the body are massaged and stretched, but also points of concentrated energy along the lines can be stimulated for a therapeutic affect. But unlike Chinese medical massage, Thai Massage does not have a depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge, but works more intuitively.
Given its quality as a slow, meditative and thorough massage, it is traditionally given in sessions far longer than that we are accustomed to with western massage. Loyal to the tradition in Thailand, I offer this massage in sessions of between 1 and 4 hours. You will be surprised just how quickly 3 hours can pass! So often with western massage, an hour is just not enough. You reach the end of the massage at a point when you have just begun to let go of all that tension and are happily drifting away to a blissful space, free of all worldly concerns. And then it ends, leaving you wanting more and feeling it has been cut short! This is why I offer the longer sessions, to allow you to go deeper into that restful, regenerating space.
I also offer Thai Oil Massage - a great combination of Thai Yoga Massage with Deep Tissue Massage, Thai style! 

How Can Thai Yoga Massage Help You?

Thai Yoga Massage in Finchley, North LondonThai Yoga Massage (along with herbal medicine) has been used in Thailand, for many hundreds of years, as a complete system of healing. Working energetically according to the energy lines and points, rather than being limited to treating just musculo-skeletal conditions such as back pain, it can alleviate all manner of bodily disharmonies such as constipation, asthma, fatigue, anxiety and stress. Saying this however, most people do request Thai Massage for muscle related troubles such as tension, pain, stiffness and injures (though sometimes to surprise and delight they find it helps with other conditions). The column to the left lists a number of common conditions that can respond well to Thai Yoga Massage.
Thai Yoga Massage is very beneficial to office, desk based professionals who spend long hours working under pressure, hunched and rounded in ill fitting chairs. The stretches of Thai Massage, along with the compressions, are of great benefit to bodies that have become tight, stiff, stressed and starved of oxygen. Having your chest and shoulders stretched open can feel like a new lease of life. Thai Yoga Massage is also very beneficial to sports people of all backgrounds. It can increase your performance in your chosen field, and reduce the chances of sustaining injuries. It will give you an edge. It also can be of great help when recovering from an injury.
Thai Massage also helps greatly with any emotional or psychological upset, whether you are feeling anxious, chronically stressed and unable to cope, depressed, bereaved or low self-esteem. The energetically harmonising aspect of Thai Yoga Massage can work wonders for how you are feeling and thinking. Whatever your reason for taking a Thai Massage, it will have you feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, energised, expansive, generally great!
Like all massage, Thai Massage is also very beneficial as it encourages you out of your head and into your body (as it is more dynamic and incorporates a lot of movement, you are not as likely to fall into a trance-like out of body state that can be induced more by stroking massages). Most of us spend so much of our lives thinking (which is usually about ourselves) that our upper bodies become energy heavy and the rest of our body deprived of nurturing attention and energy. Along with an intention to be more body conscious, Thai Massage can help to this end, leading to a more fulfilling life.
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