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What Is Thai Oil Massage?

Thai Oil Massage in Finchley, North London - Reducing Tension Between the Shoulder BladesWhen people hear the name Thai Massage, it usually conjures up images of one person passively stretching another, using all manner of dynamic yoga manipulations, whilst on a futon mat on the floor, and with both parties clothed. This is what Thai Massage is famous for, though it would more accurately be called Thai Yoga Massage. However, every country has many traditions within their own massage and healing systems, and Thailand is no exception.
Though the Yoga Massage is more widespread, the Thais also have a solid tradition in oil based massage. Apart from soft, relaxation massage, the Thais also use deep, oil based techniques, very similar to western Deep Tissue Massage, in combination with stretches and manipulations from Thai Yoga Massage. It is very similar to Deep Tissue Massage though with the added dimension of stretches and manipulations.
The use of oil restricts the variety of possible applied stretches, in contrast with a clothed Thai Yoga Massage, but with the use of a towel a number of excellent stretches can be used to enhance the deep tissue massage. Usually the massage will be given on a massage table, as opposed to the floor, though it can be equally suited to, and effective on the floor. Like Thai Massage in general, the longer session of 1.5 hours upwards is traditionally the norm and deeply beneficial.
How Can Thai Oil Massage Help You?
In many ways a Thai Oil Massage is very similar to Sports Massage though is generally applied in a slower fashion, using slow, holding compressions and with more movement and manipulation. The benefits are similar - many of which are listed in the column to the left - relief from a variety of muscular tension and pain, headaches, insomnia, muscle stiffness and poor posture, tiredness and low energy, stress, anxiety and many more conditions.
A Thai Massage give you an opportunity to deeply relax and for a short time let go of all worldly concerns and stresses - especially with a longer session of 2 hours! It is a deep massage that will really penetrate your body, though in a soft way, and reach those parts a more superficial, stroking massage does not. Often people will drift into a pleasant reverie, or into deep sleep. Either way, you will feel relaxed but energised and revitalised, clearer in mind and calm emotionally.  

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