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Sports Massage In Finchley, North LondonIn my professional practice in north London, up to now, along with Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage has been the most widely requested massage, reflecting the prevalence of muscular tension, pain and stiffness that we as a society live with. There are many diverse reasons for this epidemic of muscular tension, but being desk and office bound, often lacking exercise, poor posture and stressful, demanding lives are often at the root of these causes. Given this situation, it is necessary for us to seek to redress this imbalance, and Finchley Sports Massage is one of the ways in which you can easily reduce muscle tension and pain and the other symptoms related to this.


I specialise in treating office based professionals with upper and lower back complaints, using Sports Massage particularly with Thai Massage, as I feel the two work together so well. This is one of my strengths - I am skilled in many remedial massage approaches, from both east and west.


North London Sports Massage is very similar to Deep Tissue Massage, and I often use the two together, interchangeably, though there are some differences in techniques. However, they both work with the same goals in mind, namely, reducing muscle tension, stiffness and restriction, so that you may feel more relaxed in your body, clearer in your mind, happier and more able to perform well in all you do, whether you are a performing or creative artist, athlete or office based professional. Living with pain and tension reduces the enjoyment of life, therefore anything that can reduce pain and tension will necessarily improve the quality of your life - Sports Massage in north London can help you to this end.

What Is Sports Massage In North London & How Does It Work?

Sports Massage in north London works primarily with the physical, soft tissues of your body - your muscles, tendons and fascia (the layer surrounding the muscles, under the skin) - in a very focused way. It is not a general relaxation massage, but a remedial or therapeutic massage, one with a clear purpose, for example, reducing muscular tension in the neck and jaw which may be causing chronic headaches. Often, pain and discomfort in one area of a person's body may actually be caused by dysfunction in another area. Therefore, both areas will need to be treated for best results. However, this will first require an assessment of the muscles whilst lying on the massage table, as well as possibly a standing and walking postural assessment, to get a better picture of where the root of the problem could be.


Various techniques are used alongside Deep Tissue Massage, such as various forms of stretching, both passive and active, trigger point release, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques - names that may mean nothing to you but which are all aimed at reducing muscle tension and particularly at increasing movement in your muscles and joints. Muscle tension is caused when the many fibres that make up a muscle become quite literally glued together, or when separate muscles and their fascia become glued to each other. This can cause the muscles to shorten, or to form contracted, reactive trigger points (or 'knots'), or both - but either way this leaves you with muscles that do not function optimally, leaving you vulnerable to spasms, injuries, pain and tension.


Finchley Sports Massage works extremely well alongside chiropractic and physiotherapy. Physiotherapy has more skilful diagnostic tools, though Sports Massage in north London is focused more on hands-on treatment of your body - though I too will recommend exercises and lifestyle changes to encourage and support rehabilitation and continued improvement.


Sessions last from 1 to 2 hours. I find a longer session of 1.5 or 2 hours allows for a more comprehensive treatment which often gives the best results.

How Can Sports Massage in North London Help You?


North London Sports Massage can help with most muscular conditions. To the left is a column listing some of the most common conditions clients will present, many of which respond well to my style of Sports Massage.


Some sessions of Sports Massage will be more active, with you being asked to perform certain movements, while other sessions will be more passive, allowing you to drift away into deep, restful relaxation if you wish to. Many people feel an accumulated tiredness in their bodies and minds, from overwork, stress and the like, and though Sports Massage is a deep, therapeutic massage, and can highlight tenderness and pain in the muscles, it also offers the opportunity to take time out from everyday life, away from all worldly concerns. Clients often fall asleep during a session and waken feeling rested and rejuvenated.


Part of the rejuvenating effect is due to the release of deep muscular tension. It requires a great deal of energy to maintain muscles in a permanently contracted state, so when tight muscles are released, there is a simultaneous release of this energy. With regularity of massage sessions, you will see your energy levels rise and your mind become clearer and more focused. Sports Massage in north London is about increasing your performance, and though once this was geared more towards the sports person, my work is now far more geared towards office based professionals who wish to increase their ability to perform well in their work (and outside work), through maintaining their bodies in good working order. 



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