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What Is Reiki?
How Can Reiki Help You? 
Reiki Healing in Finchley, North LondonSessions of Reiki healing, with or without some hands-on massage and bodywork, are for those who wish for more than just a passive session of relaxation (where you may indeed even fall asleep) or for tension to be grinded out of your muscles. It is for those who wish to make changes to the way they live, those that are willing to explore themselves truthfully and with growing awareness live more expansively and with less self-limitation.
Often a massage will be a quick fix option, with the recipient leaving the treatment room and going straight back into the lifestyle that causes the chronic tension and pain which brought them to the massage room in the first place. Many people are not willing to make the deeper changes that will reduce physical, mental and emotional stress, and that is fine. But at some stage, we all reach a point at which we have to make a more honest assessment of our lives, which often are simply not working, and make changes. Normally we are pushed to making changes through chronic illness, breakdown in close relationships or any form of prolonged unhappiness that just can't be ignored.
Reiki, or any of the many forms of healing now available, is about taking responsibility for one's life, and deciding to consciously participate in changing and growing. Without this comittment, physical or emotional healing of a condition is often impossible. However, when we begin to flow with the ever-changing nature of life, we always find that it is more joyful, creative and fulfilling than the way we had lived before. The offering of Reiki healing energy is best received and most effective when one wishes to lives in alignment with their spirit, though this is not necessary to benefit from that healing support that is open to us all.

What is Reiki?

Reiki Healing in Finchley, North London - Chakra BalancingSome of you reading this will already be acquantainted with reiki, whereas others will not, or have only a vague idea of what it is from something you have heard. The word Reiki translates into 'Universal Life Force', which reflects the principle upon which it is based - that the universe and everything that is a part of it is made up of, and sustained by a subtle energy which interconnects all of life. Reiki is a form of hands-on healing, where the practitioner will literally lay their hands onto a person's body (though some people may work 'off' the body, in the recipient's presence or from a distance). The person offering the reiki acts as a channel for the universal energy (which is always infinitely and abundantly available to all of us whenever we wish for it), and through the intention of both parties, this energy is drawn into the body of the receiver to restore health and well-being.
As well as a physical body, we possess an 'energy' body, that is less tangible, but which in effect 'precedes' the physical body, thereby creating the blueprint and health, or otherwise, of the physical body. The energy body has many systems, similar to the physical systems such as the nervous or respiratory systems, upon which reiki healing works. These most common systems are the aura, the chakras and the meridians. Ill health, whether physical, mental or emotion (in effect they are all the same, as all is energy) is caused by a block in the flow of these energy streams, which leads to some parts being excessive and some parts being deficient. The reiki energy that is called into a person's energy system as a whole, can bring more balance and harmony to each of the numerous energy systems, which in turn harmonises the physical body. Where there is disorder, reiki healing can encourage more order. In times of crisis, reiki can really help to balance your mind and emotions.
Reiki is a system of energy healing which works with a particular vibration within the entire spectrum, rather like a bandwidth receiver on a radio that tunes into different frequencies, one at a time. Other systems of healing work with different vibrations, though none are superior to any other, and all have their place. My style of working with reiki healing may be different to other reiki practitioners, more free-form and with influences from other traditions. Reiki is not massage, as there is no physical manipulation of soft tissues, though I will often use techniques from Shiatsu or reflexology in order to work with the energy in the meridians.
Touch, in itself, can be very soothing and healing. It can initiate many responses and changes in a person's body, and often can give rise to memories, feelings and various physical sensations. I always encourage client's in this greater awareness, especially in truthfully meeting feelings in themselves that may have been repressed for many years. This can often be uncomfortable, but once these deeper feelings are met, acknowledged and released, there is a feeling of lightness and freedom. I use dialogue during the reiki healing sessions, creating a safe confidential space for sharing, similar to the work of counselling and psychotherapy. The preference to talk, or not, is always yours, though I do find it beneficial in helping to mentally understand our behaviour, making conscious life changes easier.  

How Can Reiki Help You?

The reiki healing I offer, potentially can help with anything you wish for help with. Through harmonising the flows of energy in the human body, it can bring improvement to all manner of physical ailments, from muscular tensions, digestive disorder and breathing difficulties, to blood pressure irregularities, pain of all causes and post surgery recovery.
Reiki particularly helps indirectly with physical ailments by uncovering the deeper causes of the physical symptoms of dis-ease, and encouraging lasting change by making deep, conscious changes to the way we live. Most of the mental and emotional stress and tension, which gives rise to the myriad of chronic physical symptoms of suffering, is rooted in the roles and presentations of our-selves that we maintain permanently from childhood, pretensions of being and feeling one way, while the truth of our feelings are hidden from the world and ourselves, in order to gain or avoid what we deem to be important. Living in an inauthentic way, and sustaining these images, requires masses of energy, and though many of us do not consider ourselves to be 'ill' as such, we live with regular tiredness, aches and pains, insomnia, anxieties, irritabilities, that we come to accept as normal.
Reiki offers a way to make real changes to the way we live, and the possibility of great joy in life.

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