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What Is Reflexology?
How Can Reflexology Help You?

Reflexology in Finchley, North London - Massaging the Lung pointsBeing a reflexologist, as well as a massage therapist, I have found that certain conditions can be treated very effectively with Reflexology that ordinarily wouldn't respond to other western forms of massage, such as Deep Tissue Massage. Reflexology in north London, concentrating on working with your feet, can be an extremely effective therapeutic treatment, and with regular application can help to reduce the detrimental effect of conditions such as chronic headaches, menstrual difficulties, insomnia, asthma and even lower back pain - conditions that you may have suffered with for years, and came to believe would be with you forever.


Finchley Reflexology will also leave you feeling more relaxed, energised, vibrant, focused and happier - it’s not just about reducing the unwanted effects of stress on your body and mind, but about feeling a glowing, positive wellbeing. It’s like what you would expect to feel with a good diet, regular exercise and a balanced approach to life.


"I had not tried reflexology before my friend kindly gave me a gift of 2 sessions with Jag. I felt a little tense at first, as I had not had my feet massaged before, and was a little embarrassed, but Jag bless him, really put me at ease. The second session I was able to relax more, and without any expectations noticed afterwards, to my surprise and pleasure that my arthritis had gotten so much better! Now I have a session every month or so, and it really helps to keep down the inflammation and pain"

Elizabeth Morley - Hendon, London 


What Is Reflexology In North London & How Does It Work?


My style of Reflexology in north London incorporates many influences, besides western concepts of Reflexology such as zone therapy. I draw on knowledge of eastern theory of acupressure points and meridians (there are many in the feet) and Thai Foot massage, as well as using the energetic enhancement of Reiki. This may not mean much to you, but let’s just say I find it works very effectively in achieving the results you would wish for.


The Reflexology massage in Finchley is indeed a massage of the feet, though one where very precise application is made to points on the feet. I usually do use general massage techniques, at the beginning of a session, to loosen and relax the feet, and to begin to stimulate energy flow. Reflexology works on the principle that the feet (as well as the hands, ears and face) are a map of the whole body, with each small part representing a corresponding part in the body. By applying pressure to a part of the feet, the corresponding part of the body is indirectly being influenced in a therapeutic way - energy flow is balanced, whether sedated or tonified.


There is disagreement between practitioners over how this occurs exactly, with some saying its down to nerve stimulation/sedation and improved circulation of blood and lymph, others saying its down to the balancing of the energy flow in the meridians and reflex points. But what is clear to me from my years of experience as a reflexologist, is that it works, regardless of how.


North London Reflexology sessions last from 50 - 60 minutes and I have found longer is not necessary, though very pleasant! A course of treatment is recommended for best results.

How Can Reflexology In North London Help You?


Reflexology in Finchley, North London - Massaging the Liver pointsNorth London Reflexology can help with a variety of conditions, as well as deeply relaxing you, therefore helping to deal with stress, both short and long term. With regularity, Reflexology can help to improve the functioning of your body and mind as a whole, so that you feel, think and perform better in all you do. It is like taking a mini holiday!


In the column on the left is a list of common conditions that respond well to Reflexology.


Many, if not most, physical symptoms of discomfort spring from emotional and psychological stresses arising from how we respond to the world we live in and create. Reflexology may not be able to resolve these patterns of behaviour (to explore this you would be better with Reiki Healing) but it offers a space outside of our normal state of stress and tension, which allows your body to rest, rejuvenate and rebalance. Finchley Reflexology has a deep, powerful and tonifying effect on the energies of the organs and body in general. I have found Reflexology to be very beneficial for muscular pain too, particularly lower back pain and spasm.


A session of Reflexology in north London is a deeply and blissfully relaxing experience. It is common for people to fall asleep during a session, which is perfect for when you want to release the tensions of the week and let yourself drift away, having not a care in the world. It can be painful, as the weaknesses and stresses in the body always show up in the feet (and also because as a society we treat our feet with neglect and disrespect) - but you are always in charge, meaning I will adapt it to your preferences. Some people like it deep and painful, whereas some don't - the choice is yours. The Chinese believe that a deep painful massage is very beneficial but this is not always true, in my experience!

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