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Hopi Ear Candling In Finchley, North LondonAlso, but lesser known as Thermal (or Thermo-) Auricular Therapy, Hopi Ear Candling is a safe, natural and deeply relaxing way of treating the ears, nose and throat - really the entire area of the head.
As well as a cure for physical ailments, traditionally within native American Hopi Culture it was given more as a ritualistic clearing of the energies of the thoughts that gather around the head, especially before ceremonies, so that the recipient may more easily connect with the spirit of the world around them. The Hopi's also believed that physical troubles were caused by a blockage in these energies that stemmed from a wrong relationship with the world.
Whatever you may believe, Hopi Ear Candling is known primarily for being a natural and gentle way of removing build up of wax from the ears, a sort of natural form of syringing. However, by introducing the properties of the fire and the herbs into the ear and head, many other conditions can be treated, such as -
  • headaches
  • sinus inflammation & congestion
  • hayfever & other allergic conditions
  • tinnitus
  • glue ear (mainly affecting children)
It is also a deeply relaxing treatment which will leave your mind quiet and rested, thereby reducing the affects of chronic stress and tension too.
A face massage is given after the ear candling to enhance the affects by stimulating pertinent acupressure points and physical drainage of the sinuses.
A session lasts for almost an hour. Where there is a chronic condition a series of at least 2 or 3 sessions is recommended.

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Improve the health of your ears, nose and throat, and experience deep rest and relaxation -
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