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What Is Deep Tissue Massage?
How Can Deep Tissue Massage Help You?
Deep Tissue Massage in Finchley, North LondonDeep tissue massage, along with Sports Massage, is my most commonly requested massage as it is very effective for reducing muscle tension and pain, along with easing many other related symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and stress. North London Deep Tissue Massage can help to correct poor posture and can also be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.
Deep Tissue Massage is also now a very well recognised form of massage in the west, and for many people, especially office based professionals, sports people and performing artists, it is essential to maintaining peak performance in their chosen fields. 
In fact, I specialise in working with office based professionals, as it is this working environment that often takes the heaviest toll on the body, with long hours sat hunched at a desk creating many postural and muscular problems, especially with upper and lower backs. Deep Tissue Massage in north London can help to restore balance and physical ease to your body, as well as soothing an overactive, overworked and frazzled mind. By releasing accumulated tension in your muscles, Deep Tissue Massage can revitalise your energy levels and mental focus, and also provides a space away from the activities of the world to rest and rejuvenate.
Though Deep Tissue Massage is very similar in many ways to Sports Massage there are some differences. However, I usually combine Deep Tissue Massage techniques with compressions, stretches and manipulations from Sports Massage and Thai Massage, as I find they give Deep Tissue Massage an added and more effective dimension, which allows for more success in terms of muscle release and relaxation.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

North London Deep Tissue Massage, like Sports Massage, focuses on the soft tissues of the body, namely the muscles and fascia (the layer that encases muscles). Through poor use of our muscles and bodies in general, muscles fibres often become quite literally glued together, as well as shortened or weakened. In this state, they cannot move smoothly or relax fully, lack power and generally do not perform anywhere near to their optimum. The system of fascia, that wraps individual muscles in addition to the muscle system in its totality, also becomes tight and distorted, further adding to bodily imbalance.
This leaves us more vulnerable to injuries and muscle spasms but more to the point, creates chronic tension, pain and tiredness which detracts from our enjoyment of life. It can also affect our health in other less obvious ways but that is another story!
Deep Tissue Massage is given on a massage table using a little oil or cream. The techniques employed are deep but applied in a slow, smooth and gentle manner to minimise any pain or discomfort, though depending on the condition of your body, some discomfort is often unavoidable. However, this type of pain is often referred to as the 'good pain' of muscle relaxation and release from tension.
Slow, deep strokes are applied to your muscles, to stretch and unwind the fascia; to lengthen short muscle fibres; to free bundles of fibres 'stuck' together and to regenerate scar tissue in the muscles. It is often my preference to include techniques from other massages - besides the ones mentioned previously, I find some Tui-na Massage, with the use of acupressure points can also really augment treatment as well as improve diagnosis.
A postural assessment is often made at the beginning of a Deep Tissue Massage, and then further investigation of your muscular condition made during the treatment, to fully ascertain where the root restrictions are in your body. This further increases the effectiveness of treatment.

How Can Deep Tissue Massage Help You?

Deep Tissue Massage in Finchley, North LondonDeep Tissue Massage in north London can help you in many ways, whether it is a one off session, or on-going regular treatment. Deep Tissue Massage offers relief from a variety of muscular problems, some of the most common being neck, shoulder and upper and lower back tension, pain and stiffness - to the left is a column of some common conditions I treat with massage, many of which respond very well to Deep Tissue Massage.
Deep Tissue Massage effectively treats acute conditions, for example, where you may have woken with a painful neck spasm or sustained an injury in an accident. Massage will speed the process of recovery and ensure a more complete rehabilitation. Deep Tissue Massage is also very effective in reducing chronic muscular conditions that have developed over many years, where muscles have become shortened, creating poor posture as well as pain and restricted movement. People are often surprised at how much more flexible their joints are even after one massage, where they have been used to stiffness and restriction.
Muscle tension develops alongside the stresses we experience in life. Deep Tissue Massage can help to reduce our emotional and psychological stresses by relaxing the physical body. A session of Deep Tissue Massage provides a restful space for relaxation, so that we may rejuvenate and be better able to deal with our demanding lives when we return to them. Though it is a deep massage, it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep and for a while completely forgot where they are in time and space!
Living with chronic tension, pain or restricted movement can have a negative affect on your enjoyment of your life, so by reducing tension in your body, Deep Tissue Massage can help to increase the vibrancy and vitality of your experience of life. With regular treatment it can also increase your energy, your mental focus, emotional balance and increase your all round performance in any physical activities.
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