My Style & Background

So Why Come To Me For a Massage?
    The massage that I give is more than simply kneading tension from your tight muscles, though I do this very well! Touch fulfills our basic human need for physical contact with another, and touch as healing is as old as time itself. This basic requirement can be missing from many of our lives, especially in today's high technological society, and inadequate touch, or physical contact, can even lead to depression and poor physical health. Massage provides a touch experience that is missing for many of us. And massage fulfills that need in a wonderfully enjoyable way. The massage I give is also as much about a quality of touch that offers acceptance, of you as you are. It takes you to a place where you may leave behind all the worries and pressures of your life - a place where none of that matters - like a bubble removed from time and space for the duration of the session. It is time taken out of your day, simply for you to be pampered, unwound, destressed, or however you describe refreshing yourself. Even Deep Tissue and Sports massage, though remedial in nature and often seen as hard massage, has as its aim to bring about a measure of alignment to the body, thus more ease to life.
     I have studied and am qualified in many styles of massage (click here to view trainings taken). Therefore, whatever massage I give is a distictive blend of all my previous studies and understandings, and may be somewhat different to what you have experienced in the past (great isn't it? How every practitioner offers you something new). I have come to a point where I feel the different styles of massage are but different tools for working with the same thing - the unique and wonderful Human Body - and the more tools I have, the more adaptable, flexible and creative I can be. And some just work better than others with each individual. I work intuitively, but can be systematic and methodical too. I wish to be guided by the needs of your body, and your mind, and am sensitive to them always.
     We will begin each session by discussing how I may best help you, and then I will offer suggestions and tailor the treatment with whatever skills I feel appropriate. When working therapeutically, I usually combine the best from Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai Yoga and Tuina massage, a combination of eastern and western techniques that I find gives great results consistantly.

     You will be in confident, experienced and sensitive hands with me, and if you are not feeling great by the end of the session (or at least satisfied!) then pay me nothing! Whether you are looking for a deep, therapeutic massage (like a deep tissue) to free up your muscles, a floor based massage (like a Thai Yoga massage) to leave you feeling stretched out and expanded, or a gentle, flowing and soothing Hawaiian LomiLomi massage, I will do my best to give you the finest experience possible.

     My speciality is the longer session - 1.5 to 2 hours being the average. This gives you that extra time to really let go of tensions and everyday concerns, and drift into a deeply revitalising space. The 1 hour massage can often leave you wanting longer, just at the point where you begin to let it all go. It also gives me that added time to really make a difference when aiming for a more therapeutic outcome.
My Previous Clinical Experience
     I have worked in a variety of environments, from massage spas offering stress relieving time out for the rich and famous; to clinics specialising in therapeutic work, to alleviate anything from muscular tension to injuries and trauma. I have worked closely with and learnt alongside many other massage therapists of various backgrounds, physiotherapists, osteopaths, reflexologists and other more esoteric healers. My work now is remedial in nature, helping you to live more comfortably in your body, though I still enjoy giving a creative and soothing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.
     Massage has its limitations, I am fully aware, and I have worked with people for which massage did not provide them with their desired outcome. Responses to massage are as individual as we are. But having said this, massage is a wonderful way to a healthier, more enjoyable life.  
     During my time in practice, I have successfully treated all manner of muscle injuries, pains and tensions, whether chronic or acute. This includes upper back and shoulder pain/tension; lower back ache, pain, and general weakness; sciatica; muscle related headaches; pain and tension in the hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck caused by repetitive tasks; sports injuries; and advising on postural re-education, to help people help themselves, in the long term. I have also successfully treated digestive complaints, including bloating, cramps, IBS, constipation and general poor digestion; conditions affecting breathing such as asthma, allergies, shortness of breath and bronchitis; heart disorders such as high and low blood pressure and blocked arteries; supported those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME); and assisted many in the process of recovery from surgery, injury, trauma and strokes.
     I believe massage can be used to beneficial affect with all conditions.
In addition to these more physical conditions, I have seen massage bring great relief to the more psychological and emotional conditions of insomnia; anxiety and depression; grief; low self-esteem; lack of concentration and mental focus; and nervousness to name but a few.
A Little About Me
     I am 34 years of age, and was born and raised in London - which is still my home. I have been studying and practicing massage, bodywork and yoga since 2002. Before embarking on full-time massage practice in 2005 I worked in various capacities in admin and sales, which, as you can imagine, was extremely dissatisfying. Fortunately, I found a vocation, or path in life that is perfect for me now, which gives me great joy and fulfillment, as well as earning me a good living. You can have both! Massage and bodywork, and working with people in a way of service and generousity is a deep passion for me, one which I see has the potential to take me to amazing places I cannot imagine yet. In many ways it is all still just a beginning for me.
     As well as my formal professional studies (click here to view trainings taken) I maintain a regular practice of yoga, both individually and with a fantastic teacher, which both furthers my growth and expansion, and  informs and reinforces my understanding of bodywork and what it means to be human. I study continuously, always with the vision of attaining excellence and fulfilling all that lies as potential within me. This has lead me into the varied avenues of massage and bodywork, but has taken me into studying subjects such as numerology, martial arts, shamanism, astrology and all manner of ways in which to learn about how we as humans relate to ourselves, eachother and the world we live in.
 Call me now on 07958 561 467 to book a massage

Thai Spinal Twist

Below is a list of the trainings I have taken -
(copies of my certificates of training, and insurance, are available upon request)
March 2010 - Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner Training, Manchester

October 2009 - Certificate of Practitioner Training in Shamanic Practice with the Eagles Wing College of Shamanic Medicine, Sussex

September 2009 -  2 weeks personal training in Shamanic Movement with the Nagual Lujan Matus in Bali

August 2009 - Diploma in Shamanic Studies, The Four Gates Foundation, Spain

July 2009 - Certificate in Shiatsu, Ki Kai Centre, London

June 2009 - Diploma in Ayur Yogic Massage, Rasovai Ayurveda, Girona, Spain

May 2009 - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Certificate with Carrie Rowell, London
April 2009 - Certificate in Pulsing, Bodyspace, London
March 2009 - Attunement to Usui Reiki IIIa Master/Teacher

June 2008 - Diploma in Tuina Chinese Massage from the BodyHarmonics Centre, Cheltenham

February 2008 - Certificate in Postural Alignment from Morley College, London

January 2008 - Diploma in Advanced Thai Massage from Namo Chiang Mai, Thailand

January 2008 - Certificate in Nerve Touch Massage from Lek Chaiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand
December 2007 - Diploma in Oriental Sports Massage from ITM, Chiang Mai, Thailand

December 2007 - Diploma in Thai Massage Level 3 from ITM, Chiang Mai, Thailand

December 2007 - Diploma in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage from the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre

July 2007 - Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage from The Natural Health School

March 2007 - Certificate of Transforming Touch Seminar from the No Hands Massage Company

December 2006 - Certificate in Hawaiian Kahuna Massage from the CityLit, London

July 2006 - ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage from the CityLit, London

December 2005 - ITEC Diploma in On-Site Massage from City & Islington College, London

February 2005 - Certificate in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage from The Sunshine Network, Chiang Mai, Thailand

October 2004 - Certificate in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage from The London School of Thai Massage, Bromley

October 2004 - Certificate in Ear Candling from The Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, Middlesex

September 2004 -
Certificate in Thai Foot Massage from The London School of Thai Massage, Bromley
September 2004 - Attunement in Usui Reiki IIIa

June 2004 - Certificate in Pranic Healing from The Institute of Inner Studies
February 2004 - VTCT Diploma in Indian Head Massage from Barnet College, Hendon
July 2003 - Attunement in Usui Reiki II
June 2003 - ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage from Harrow College, Middlesex
June 2003 - Certificate from British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, Barnet College
September 2002 - VTCT Diploma in Reflexology from Barnet College, Hendon
May 2002 - VTCT Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, Barnet College, Hendon