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Body Harmony Massage In Finchley, North LondonHello & Pleased To Meet You! Jag Reeves At Your Service...
          I would like to welcome you to my website and hope that it gives you a sufficient introduction to my work. I am passionate about working to uplift people and it is one of the loves in my life - happily, it is also my vocation. It is my aspiration to bring the gift of massage, bodywork and healing, and the soothing rebalancing quality it offers, to as many people as possible. Whoever you are, or wherever you are at, we could all benefit from a little more time to nurture ourselves and move towards living more wholly.

Whats New? Introducing Emerald Heart Healing... Emerald Heart Healing in Finchley, North London
This new offering is a powerful yet simple way to make real and lasting change in your life. Using vibrational essences (similar in principle to Bach Flower remedies and Homeopathy) the fears that keep you in a limited existence can be dissolved away so you may open to the potential of who you really are. Whatever you may be struggling with, Emerald Heart essence healing, along with a strong commitment and intent, can bring about deep and wonderful change. Bodywork and hands on healing can be taken alongside to enhance the effects of working with the Emerald Heart essences. 
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Do You Often Feel Stressed, Tense & Tired? And In Need Of Something To Soothe Your Mind, Ease Your Body & Generally Uplift Your Spirit?

          Living in London, at a fast pace and with constant pressures, it is no wonder we feel our bodies and minds under strain. Feeling we have so much to do, we so often neglect ourselves, when finally, our bodies remind us, through aches, pains and illness, that we need to bring some measure of balance and harmony to our lives. Massage can be a wonderful way to revive your health and improve your enjoyment of life.

So How Can A Massage Help You?

          You may be a professional working in IT; a musician; a performing artist; sports person; manager or sales consultant. Whatever your background, we all experience extended periods of Thai Yoga Massage in Finchley, North London - Shoulder Stretch time working long hours, dealing with constant pressures, demands and deadlines, and repeating the same tasks that harm our bodies - whilst we sit or stand with poor posture. For this reason everyone can benefit from massage.


          Whichever way you choose to approach it, and however you believe it works, massage encourages more efficient and easy functioning of your body; it calms your mind, and soothes your emotions. Your performance in all aspects of your life is heightened and enhanced with regular massage.
          Your body will move smoother, have a greater range of motion, process food better and generally you will feel far more enjoyment being in your body. Your mind will be clearer and more focused; and your emotions balanced, with a reduction of the stress and tension we have become accustomed to. It requires a lot of energy to keep muscles tight and contracted, and when these are released we feel an accompanying boost of energy.  

"Jag is an excellent young practitioner. He is passionate about his work, strives to be his best through continuous development, and most importantly, has a natural gift for hands on therapy. He is a real credit to the profession, and I really enjoyed working with him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great massage."

Susan Summers - Massage & Yoga Teacher, Wimbledon, London

Sports Massage In Finchley, North London - Releasing the HamstringsOne of the natural abilities I have been given is the gift of touch in working with people's bodies. Through this, I communicate a sensitive, nurturing and uplifting quality that always encourages deeper healing than mere technique alone. To develop this I have studied extensively (and continue to do so) so I may offer a breadth and depth of skill and knowledge, along with intuitive and creative insight. I always work to the best of my abilities in every session to best meet your needs and wishes.
From a bright and spacious studio in Finchley, North London I offer the following massages -
Another of my specialities is the longer massage session of 1 - 3 hours
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Massage Is A Great Way To Tune Up, Repair & Rejuvenate Your Body

          As it is with a healthy diet and good exercise, the benefits of massage are accumulative, so the more regularly you take it, the greater the benefits. All ancient cultures took regular massage as part of a healthy lifestyle, and indeed considered it to be essential, rather than just occasional pampering. In practical terms, the type of massage I practice can Deep Tissue Massage in Finchley, North London - Releasing the Shoulder Blades help with all of the following -

  • easing all chronic muscle tension, aches and pains, including the all pervasive upper back tensions; lower back pain and weakness; leg pain, stiffness or sciatica
  • improving loss of movement through injuries and long term muscle contraction
  • bringing more alignment to your body, with massage and with postural re-education
  • improve athletic performance
  • greatly improve your breathing mechanisms therefore easing asthma, breathlessness, allergies and all respiratory ailments
  • treat circulatory conditions such as low or high blood pressure and blocked arteries
  • treat all digestive complaints, bloating, constipation or abdominal pain and generally improve digestion and absorption of food
  • alleviate headaches, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and depression
  • ease and harmonise any hormonal imbalance, particularly menstrual pain
  • diminish physical or emotional trauma 
  • and not to forgot simply helping you to feel great!
I am skilled and experienced in a number of different styles of massage, and I am sure I can be of service to you, whatever you wish to experience from a massage - whether it be reduction of musculo-skeletal tension, easing of a particular complaint, or just simple joy and relaxation from letting it go for a short while.
"For many years I have suffered with lower back pain. It reached a point when I just had to do something about it, and that's when I found Jag. Relaxation massages were very nice, but they didn't really help, unlike Jag's quite unique style, which has helped tremendously. Since coming regularly for sessions, the back pain has miraculously diminished to almost nothing. The sessions have also really helped me to begin to understand why I had the back pain to begin with, and how to prevent it."
Tom Lexington - St. John's Wood, London 
How Ofte Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage in Finchley, North Londonn Should You Have a Massage? And How Long a Session?
          Obviously we have constraints on our resources of time and money, but the more often you can come for a massage the better for your wellbeing.  I feel once a fortnight is a good regular commitment to keeping your body and mind balanced, but at the very least once a month will provide you with a good tonic. Besides massage being functional in reducing stress and improving your overall health, it is a wonderfully enjoyable experience, something to remind us of the positive aspects of being human and taking pleasure in having a physical body.
          Our society holds a belief in the 1 hour massage, which incidentally is usually a 50-55 minute massage. This is partly born from convenience and living by the clock, with so much to do always.
If you have the resources, then a longer session will be a far more satisfying experience for you, and take you to a place of much deeper relaxation and renewal. An hour usually passes so quickly, just as we have drifted into that place of letting go - and we are left wanting to stay there longer! This is not to say an hour is inadequate (for some massages like Reflexology it is more than adequate), its just the longer session gives you far more. For some styles of massage, like Thai Yoga Massage, a 2 -3 hour session is normal, fabulous and the way it is traditionally given. The longer session is my speciality, with my average session being 1.5 - 2 hours long.

"I've been to see a fair few massage therapists in my time, and say with confidence that Jag is one of the best. His sublime quality of touch has my tight muscles melting within minutes. It is a joy and something I always look forward to, for the experience leaves me grounded, peaceful and better able to respond to the demands of my life. " 

Edward Stephens - Theatre Director, Belsize Park, London
So whether you are looking to ease muscular tension with a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage;  be deeply stretched and opened with a Thai Yoga Massage; restore your health with Reflexology; or heal frayed emotions with Reiki - give me a call on 07958 561 467 to book a massage or reiki session with me in Finchley, North London

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